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Thirty Thankful Things, 2014 Edition {Week One}

So my poor blog has been so ignored in the past month… I shall blame it on my “Unhappy Triad” surgery—it really threw me for a loop for pretty much the entire month of October. But I was missing my camera so very much, and I was determined to repeat last year’s “Thirty Thankful Things” project! Only this year, I am a part of an amazing photography community, The Photographer Within, and a number of our members have joined me in daily shooting of the things in our lives we are most grateful for. I am absolutely elated to have such wonderful company (and they are absolutely an additional Thankful Thing in my life!), and I am loving getting to know them a little bit better through our project. I am so excited!

So here are my images from our Week One.

Day 1: …for the post-Halloween bounty…


Day 2: …for what could be the best $12.99 I ever spent, for a super soft blanket to snuggle in while I recuperate!


Day 3: …for the newest (potential) and arguably snuggliest member of our household—he seems to have chosen us, and we are smitten! (Though we have one holdout—Koda thus far is unconvinced that taking him in is a good idea. But we are determined to win him over!)


Day 4: …for democracy in the great country in which we live.


Day 5: …for family dinners out (and no cooking or dishes!).


Day 6: …for the fountain out my kitchen window, that the neighborhood birds love to play in daily!


Day 7: …for kitty hugs on cold mights…