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Thirty Thankful Things, 2014 Edition {Week Three}

This week got a little crazy so I ended up having to use iPhone pics for a few, but I’m keeping it up no matter what! (Week One is here, and Week Two here!)

Day 15: …for long-standing family traditions!

Day 16: …for Emily’s lemonade ice cream pie:

Day 17: ……for independence–I can drive again!!!!

Day 18: …a silly one, but for this most awesome invention–I can control the heater from my cozy bed! And thanks for Tom, for getting it for me!

Day 19: …tee hee hee–for inadvertently pausing my show (Orphan Black) when DD shouted a question from the other room, at a supremely opportune moment!

Day 20: …for getting a couple of pairs of leggings and a few long sweaters (and thankful for Target and Macy’s!) so that I have something to wear other than long skirts with my knee brace–it truly is the little things!

Day 21: …for friends who take Em to opening night movies and encourage me to join them, knowing I’ll have fun, too!

Day 22: …for impromptu brunch dates!