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Thirty “Thankful Things” {Week 4}

I must admit, this project made me even more in awe of the amazing photographers who pull off a 365. Thinking of things I am thankful for was easy—but coming up with things that would make a halfway decent image was tough! More often than not I found myself desperate at the end of a day, after darkness had set in, trying to come up with something. But it has made me all the more determined to do it again, only next year, I am going to do a much better job of coming up with images I can be proud of. (And not having our remodel going on in the house during daylight hours might make it a bit easier—at least that’s the excuse I am going with for this year!)

Day 24: …for pretty cappuccinos…


Day 25: …it’s far from perfect, but I’m thankful for that one shot where every single one of them smiled…


Day 26: …for the milkshake my baby girl made for me at the end of a very, very long day…


Day 27: …that our kitchen is finally done enough that we can start moving in, and getting some boxes out of the living room, and even washing dishes in a kitchen sink instead of a cement garage sink—YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Day 28: …for the most delightfully untraditional Thanksgiving dinner ever with my dear sister and her dear family—YUM!!!!


Day 29: …for snuggly fleece sheets, and for a kitty who purrs simply because I entered the room!


Day 30: …that as of today, I can officially post a Before and After. It’s not QUITE done, but pretty darned close!

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