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Thirty Thankful Things, 2014 Edition {Week Two}

Continuing with my month of documenting my “Thankful Things” with my camera! (Week One is here.)

Day 8: …for the last of the roses in the garden before fall really sets in!

Day 9: …for my husband, who does the rolling out part of our Christmas cookies every year, and for being the most amazing Daddy!

Day 10: …for cheerful surprises brought to me in bed from Emily in the morning…

Day 11: …that there are people willing to put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

Day 12: …that our not-so-little girl is so hardworking and bright, and such a sweetheart!

Day 13: …for pedicures when I can’t yet reach my toes, and for flip-flops on fall days!

Day 14: …for my super-awesome Tom and his super-awesome chocolate cosmos after a long, LONG day!