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Our 7th Annual Christmas Day in S.F.!

Several years ago our annual holiday trip to the city quickly became one of our favorite parts of the season. Every year, the three of us have a Christmas Tea (usually at Lovejoy’s) and a wonderful dinner out, and Patty always comes up with something totally unique and fun for us to do in the middle. (And there’s always time for some shopping in between or after the events!) San Francisco feels so festive and beautiful and bustling during Christmastime, so this trip is the perfect way to immerse ourselves in the joy of the season. (And out of curiosity, I just looked back in my photo archives to see when we first began doing this, and it was way back in 2009 (2013 is here, and 2014 here)!)

This year we started out at Lovejoy’s and had a delicious tea, as always.


Afterwards we drove over to Hayes street and had a little time to shop before we had to get to our next event, which this year was to see the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus perform their annual Christmas show. It was absolutely spectacular! They had the audience in turns teary with performances such as their ASL rendition of Silent Night to heartily laughing at their songs and dances like their Fruitcake song (where they aptly listed Trump as an example of a fruitcake!). (On a side note, I want to head over to Hayes Street again one day when we have more time—that area has changed a lot since I was last there and it’s so much fun!)


After the show we headed over to Union Square where we tried out a new restaurant, the Burritt Room (which Patty selected in part because they have a reputation for having a wonderful “mixologist” on staff who makes amazingly creative and delicious drinks—she knows me so well!). Their food was fantastic and the atmosphere fun—I love the private booths, too. It was great! We need to take Tom there.


We ended with some shopping at Macy’s. Didn’t find any gifts, but since Emily and I found a few clothes we loved, I count it as a success nonetheless.

Once again it was a really perfect day, and already we can’t wait to see what she comes up with for next year!