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2015 Elf on the Shelf!

This year has been a busy one in our family, particularly for Emily, who has an insane course load for her junior year. All of this meant that none of us had a lot of time to play with Holly, so she obliged us by sticking around longer than usual, working her magic with us until New Year’s Eve and finishing out 2015 in style!

The day she arrived, she brought us flowers:


She thought that Emily’s bedroom door was lacking in holiday style, so she adorned it one day while Emily was at school:


She made us peppermint meringue cookies while Tom and I were celebrating at his company Christmas party (always a super fun excuse to get very dressed up and enjoy the season and the company!):


She set out an after-school snack for Emily one day:


She dressed in a hockey jersey to surprise Tom with an afternoon of sports on TV while Emily and I were spending the day in SF with Patty:


She made my favorite holiday cookies, our family’s shortbread recipe, while Tom and I went out to dinner one night (she really likes to bake!):


On Christmas morning, she thought I might want to relax with her over a glass of wine; the glass she provided me with will fit an entire bottle! (But since percentage-wise hers looks huge for her, too, I decided hers was actually bigger!):


And one afternoon when I came home from PT I found she had made me my favorite cosmo (a lemon drop), complete with a beautifully and festively sugared glass (see the New Year’s count-down, even?):


And just because I never actually blogged these few from prior years, here are some more of her antics in our household! One night she got herself all dolled up for a date:


She took her cue from the leprechaun who have played tricks on us in the past, and turned the dining room upside down:


And she went fishing!


Here are her past antics: 2014, 2013, 2012 part 1 and 2012 part 2, and 2011.