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2013 Elf Antics, Part One!

We are entering year three of our Elf! (Year one is here, and year two is here and here.) Admittedly, she hasn’t been as busy this year as she normally is—life has been pretty crazy for us and the holidays sort of crept up on me. But still, Holly is keeping us entertained!

She hid (though not very well) in my favorite Christmas glass in our new cupboard:

She hosted a rather elaborate slumber party for ALL of her friends while Tom and I were at his company Christmas party—Emily was babysitting:

She bought Peeps for the family and hid with them in the freezer so we could make the best roasted marshmallows in the world in the fireplace:

She fished for pretzel fish in the kitchen sink:

And this afternoon she surprised Emily after school by greeting her at the door in a sparkly new party dress: