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Elf Antics 2012, Part One

Last Christmas brought with it a new tradition for our family: Holly, our Elf on the Shelf. For us, Holly is a whole-family tradition, because we take turns helping her to carry out her ideas. So far it’s just been Emily and I because Tom has been on a business trip, but we can’t wait until he joins us for the rest of the month!

So far, Holly (with a little help from Emily) has vandalized our refrigerator:


…fallen asleep on the couch while reading (see her teddy bear?):


…and (my personal favorite so far this year!) used my credit cards to get her holiday shopping done:


And with my help, Holly has had a spa day with her best friend:


…made us dinner in the crockpot (complete with elf-sized veggies!):


…spun herself dizzy on a tire swing hung from the chandelier:


…and created some beautiful paper snowflakes!


And together, Emily and I helped her do some yoga, for the day Tom came home from his trip:


I’m not sure what I like best about our “new” tradition: Setting things up for Emily and/or Tom to find, or discovering the havoc they wreak with her. I’ve loved seeing the creative ideas Emily comes up with, and Tom’s are often hilarious (and often make me glad for our family rule that whoever helps Holly also helps her clean up!). Stay tuned to find out what she does for the rest of the season!