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A Beachy Photo Walk

Last week my sister and I decided we needed a day of inspiration, so she drove down to my neck of the woods and we made the trek to Santa Cruz/Capitola to do a photo walk. She’s been getting serious about photography, and already I think she’s amazing; she’s a natural! I didn’t take as many photos as I thought I would—I’ve been struggling with a serious lack of creativity lately (as demonstrated by my boring blog in the last year or so…), and last week was no different. But I do think the day helped me to at  least renew my determination to get back on the proverbial horse!

The crazy thing that day was that it was insanely hot—it got to 95º, which is pretty much unheard of along that stretch of coast. And we walked a long way—nearly 5 miles! But it was absolutely beautiful, as always, and the Paloma Añejo margarita at Zelda’s of course helped! Here were a few that I liked from our day:








She and I were working our way through a book together, called The Visual Toolbox; I think we need to get back to it!