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Family Pokémon Date in San Francisco!

My poor blog has been so neglected lately—almost as neglected as my poor camera… (And that is a whole other post that I’ve been pondering writing—sigh…) (As always, square images are iPhone!)

At any rate, we really did have a fun summer! I feel kind of guilty that I didn’t encourage Emily to do something “useful” or college-resume-building with her summer, like get a job or go on some amazing, life-experience-building trip (though she was able to volunteer at my PT clinic and the library over the summer—she loved both!), but I am just so overly aware that this is most likely to be our last year with her living with us, and I selfishly want to spend absolutely every moment I can with her!

Near the beginning of the Pokémon craze, after all three of us had gotten into it, we decided to do a family day in San Francisco, thinking we’d find lots of different creatures there. And we did—we had a blast! (Turns out that SF is the fifth best place in the US to play! And of course that article has also renewed our missing Disneyland, which is apparently the 11th best place…)

We started out with breakfast at Krispy Kreme, where I couldn’t decide whether my coffee cup was adorable or terrifying…


After gorging ourselves on donuts, we headed into the city. We stopped first at the Sutro Baths, where we hiked a little ways down to the actual bath ruins. The hike was a little hard on my still-cranky knee, but I’m working really hard on strengthening my quad, so I think it’s good for me!



Then we toured around aimlessly. I am getting very good at two-handed Poké-spinning (and even capturing!) for Tom while he drives—it’s fun!


We parked next near the Emarcadero/Ferry Building and had an awesome time being tourists and Pokéhunting. Since this was early on in the game, there were a ton of other people playing as well, which made it all the more fun connecting with complete strangers! I totally loved this drawing we found, too…





We ended our day with dinner at one of our favorite places in SF, Tres, and then headed home (after a unsuccessful trek looking for an ice cream place that was open past 9 on a Sunday night in SF—doesn’t seem like it should be impossible, does it?!?!).