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It’s been a while since I have done a plain old “pretty flowers” post, so I thought I’d share these. I haven’t been shooting nearly as much in the past couple of years as I used to (oddly, it seems to roughly coincide with my knee injury in 2014—ROFL!), but once in a while I find some particularly sweet flowers at the store and some pretty light at home, and it taps into my inspiration and I will actually break out my big-girl camera.

Our house is fairly dark most of the time (most of the windows are north facing—not exactly a photographer’s dream!), but particularly in late winter/early spring, the late afternoon light filters into our bedroom window absolutely beautifully. Normally I am not in there at that time of day, but in late February and March this year I happened to be in there a lot as I was hooked up to the ice machine and happily watching oodles of fun, mindless TV. So every afternoon the light would get gorgeous, and when I coupled that with the beautiful ranunculus from Trader Joe’s that were cheering me up on my nightstand, I couldn’t not shoot. There is something magical to me about soft, lovely flowers in soft, lovely light. I get lost in shooting them; it sounds silly but it’s almost meditative.