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101 in 1001 (Take 2!) Progress Report

I’m precisely – of the way through, and so it’s time to do a progress report! And it’s probably a good thing since it would appear I needed the reminder—LOL! (I started this on my birthday last year…) As you can see I am not doing great, though in my defense I have at least started a lot of things that I can’t cross off until they are completed. And being out of commission after knee surgeries has put a bit of a wrench in my plans, too 😝.

1. Think of 101 things for this list!
2. Get accepted at a new stock agency
3. Find and get set up with Cloud storage/backup
4. Play with shooting film
5. Teach a class and/or write an eBook for TPW (or somewhere—Teaching Kids Photography, macro photography, or…???)
6. Work on learning French with Emily (I started, but haven’t been great about it AT ALL)
7. Print a photography book (of a P52?)
8. Take Emily on one “girls’ trip” a year (Disneyland in 2015)
9. Go on at least one trip alone with Tom each year (Santana Row in 2015)
10. Complete the Workshop in a Box
11. Carefully read my two Bryan Petersen books
12. Take Em to France (and Italy and/or Austria and/or London?)
13. Read The Art of Photography
*14. Complete at least one more 52 in 52 (2015)
*15. Donate blood for my first time (October 3, 2015)
16. Go apple picking at Apple Hill
17. Finish (or eliminate) ALL the projects in the old den
18. Clean out the old den and decorate it
*19. Take Em on a college tour (Stanford, UCSD, Cal Poly SLO)
20. Get window treatments for windows that need them
*21. Put something in that blank spot on the wall between the living room and kitchen (printed & framed a collage of my own work!)
22. Go on family camping trip
23. Finish all projects on my desk
24. Get (& then keep) my computer cleaned up & organized—old emails, recycle bin, feeds/favorites, My Documents
25. Clean up Emily’s room with Emily
26. Get Em’s name change completed
27. Get ALL photos on flickr well-tagged
28. Reorganize new den closet
29. Learn to use my Speedlight confidently
30. Get all of my publicly available images registered with the US Copyright Office
*31. Get front and back yards looking presentable again, and keep them that way! (Tom did this for Emily’s birthday party!)
32. Re-learn to quickly solve a Rubik’s Cube
33. Get caught up on Emily’s scrapbooks
34. Use my saved articles to explore around here—think DAY TRIPS
35. Make more Easter, Valentine’s Day, & Halloween napkins
36. Do a “Day in Our Life” photo project each “season” for one year (started in 2016)
*37. Clean out Aunty Vera’s cabinet in dining room—use for easy camera access
38. Attend WPPI with Emily, and enter their print competition
39. Clean out my file cabinets
40. Donate blood regularly beginning when bone/ACL grafting is a year old
41. Send a card and a gift to someone “just because”, more than once (coloring book to Alisa)
*42. Print and hang some of my images in office (printed favorites from the Cinderella shoot)
43. Update/streamline my iTunes playlists
44. Create emergency preparedness kit
45. Check into printing my blog entries into a blog book, and print one
46. Drink 64 oz of water a day for one month to see if it makes a difference
47. Maintain a photography bucket list (in progress: shoot another snowflake macro, double-exposure silhouette, aurora borealis, smoke tendrils, rays of sunlight, ______)
48. Get VHS tapes of wedding, Em’s littler years, etc., and mini tapes onto DVDs
49. Maintain a bucket list (in progress: wine tasting in a limousine, go dogsledding, ride in a hot air balloon, take an elegant overnight train ride through someplace beautiful, take a cruise, visit an ice hotel or bar, stay in a presidential suite, get a Maine Coon, get a Bernese Mountain Dog, stay in penthouse suite at The Grand Californian, wine tasting in Italy, see glaciers calving, go to Alaska, see more of Canada,______, go on an EPIC shopping spree (must include champagne trying on gorgeous clothes), see the Pasadena Rose Parade)
50. Make new dust ruffle for our bed
51. Look into selling prints on Etsy
52. Get new dining room table and stools
53. Take Emily to a drive-in movie
54. Get an image published somewhere I’m excited about
55. Teach Phi to shake hands
56. Do Harry Potter-a-thon with Em
57. Do Disney princess-a-thon with Em
58. See a HUGE field of flowers and take pictures
59. Get NIK Silver Efex Pro for LR?
60. Teach Emily to drive a stick
61. Take Emily to all the colleges she wants to tour
62. Create Sales page on my blog
63. iPhone portfolio onto blog
64. Get & stay caught up on backing up photos to DVD
65. Improve my iPhone photography
66. Become more active on Instagram (demonstrate by earning 400 followers)
67. Put something in blank space on wall between kitchen and dining room
68. Complete a #100happydays (on iPhone/IG) for each season (summer, 2015)
69. Write an out of focus photography tutorial for my blog
70. Write a smoke tendrils tutorial for my blog
71. Take inventory photos of our stuff for Safe Deposit Box
72. Take a whale watching trip
73. Visit Harry Potter World, CA, when it opens
74. Complete a Thirty Thankful Things every November (2015 done)
75. Work through The Visual Toolbox
76. Take a painting class at Filoli
77. Take Em for her first ever day of pampering at a spa
101. Start thinking of 101 things for next list

And ‘cuz I like photos in posts, and to prove I am working hard on #65, here are my “most liked” iPhone pics from 2015!

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