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The Best Mother’s Day Weekend EVER!

Every year on Mother’s Day weekend we go to the Whole Earth Festival at our alma mater, UC Davis. And I realized this year that we have been going for nearly 30 years! (I only remember missing one, when Emily was 9 days old…) We love the food, the people watching, the shopping, the reminiscing… We wandered the booths, had delicious pesto fries and homemade lemonade, bought a few gifts (including matching heart necklaces for Emily and me!), and relaxed and chatted and took each others’ pictures down by the creek. The weather and company were perfect, and I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful day! (And I guess it’s time to admit officially that Emily is taller than me when we sit. That plus her driving now and us doing college tours is making her “growing up” a little too real for me, but I am trying to set that all aside to mope about on some other day…) (Square images are all iPhone. I decided I look kinda pregnant (and camera-obsessed, but that part is hard to deny…) in the one, but Tom and Em look so cute that I had to post anyhow!)





After our UCD visit we went to one of our favorite Davis restaurants, Seasons, for dinner. It was delicious as always, and our waiter was as kind as could be!


In the morning Tom and Emily brought me breakfast in bed—Krispy Kreme!


Then we headed up to my sister’s to celebrate Mother’s Day and a few birthdays, and it was extra special because my mom was able to come down to celebrate with us this year, too! As always my sister set a gorgeous table and made a delicious meal, and the conversation was so much fun! Time always goes so fast when we’re there… (I didn’t take out my camera except for the cake, so I will have to add her images later!)