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2015 P52 ~ April

April was a month full of milestones in our little one’s life–all these things that not so long ago felt so far off! Suddenly it feels like if I close my eyes even for a second, I’ll miss the rest and she’ll be off to college…

Week 14: Easter with the cutest cousins on the planet!

Week 15: Started college tours this week, and though we have several more to visit, she’s decided for sure Stanford will be her number one choice!

Week 16: And we officially have a permitted driver in the house… (How can I possibly have a daughter who’s old enough to drive? Wasn’t she just learning to walk?)

Week 17: Confident that no one can see him…

Week 18: Officially Sweet 16! When she was little, my Great Auntie Vera passed away, and we purchased this ring for Emily to remember her always. I wore it until Emily turned 16, and then passed it on to her on her birthday.