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Our Grateful Project | April 2015

This month has been such a busy but fun one for us, in part because Emily had a break midway through the month. We’d been hoping to go to Disneyland over the break, but between being uncertain about how much walking I could do on my knee yet and hearing from a friend that several attractions in the park are being updated in advance of Disneyland’s 60th anniversary celebration, we decided to postpone that trip a bit. That left us with a whole week at home to enjoy just getting to be with Emily—she’s normally so busy!

Easter at my sister’s was absolutely perfect, as always—delicious food, wonderful drinks, a gorgeous table, and of course, spending time with some of our very favorite people!


A week later, we started off Emily’s break with a shopping date, and we had lunch at Left Bank in Santana Row. I can’t imagine anywhere around here feeling more “French”—the lovely weather, sitting outside under the sidewalk umbrellas, our favorite fondue, French onion soup, and of course their creme brulee… So peaceful and relaxing! (iPhone pics)


And this month I finally printed and hung some of my work in our house! I am so grateful to my amazing sister for convincing me finally to do this, and for coming to help me hang them. I am so excited!!!!


This month also had some huge milestones for Emily. We toured her first colleges—and she’s decided unequivocally that Stanford is the place for her! (If only it were that easy…)


And she got her Learner’s Permit (gulp…)! (iPhone pics)


Tom and I celebrated our 19th anniversary this month, too. When you add on the 8 years of dating first, well, it feels like we have been together forever… Marriage is messy and complicated and joyous and wonderful, and I am so grateful that he’s the one I get to share it with! (iPhone pics)


And, of course, I remain grateful for this little guy—he’s an endless source of amusement to us…