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Spring is here! {A Pink and Green Post…}

It rained on and off this weekend, and in between the downpours the light was often beautiful as I looked out the window behind my computer monitor, so I couldn’t resist heading outside with my Lensbaby to take photos of our little baby crabapple tree. It’s a funny little tree because it really hasn’t grown much since we first planted it out there 7 years ago—it’s still shorter than I am (and I am not tall!), and its branches are still not very wide but are beautifully mossy and gnarled as if it were an old, old tree. (It is starkly different from our dark pink crabapple in the front yard, which was planted at the same time at the same starting size and is now huge!)





In the front yard, the crabapple tree is bloomed out, but the weeping cherry that we bought last summer doesn’t seem to be doing a thing (it has a couple of tiny leaves, but the buds aren’t growing at all—I am a little worried it might not have survived its move from Filoli to here last summer…). But the roses are starting to bloom for the season!


And then just because they are pretty: ranunculus are in season from Trader Joes.

(Clearly I have a thing for pink and green… ;-P )