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Through the Lensbaby | December

Things have been hectic around here for the past few months, so once again I took advantage of our Lensbaby clog circle post to slow down and just play with the holiday decorations and my Lensbabies.

The 50mm glass optic:

The Edge 80:

The 50 with the starburst disk from the creative aperture kit and the 4x macro adaptor:

The Sweet 35:

The 50 with the 2.8 and the 4x adaptor again:

The Edge 80:


And just because it seemed a bit kitschy and fun, the 50 with the starburst again, after we finished our more official Christmas card shoot (though I might not manage to get cards done at all this year!):

To see more Lensbaby images, please continue our little circle to the brilliant Willie’s Lensbaby image—her images amaze me every single month!!

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