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Final post for the my first ever 101 in 1001!

Start date: March 4, 2011 (my 43rd birthday)
End date: November 29, 2013 (

*1. Think of 101 things for this list! (finished 11/29/12)
*2. Find out more about being represented on Getty (I am now a Getty contributor!)
*3. Get CS5
*4. Get and become comfortable in LR3
*5. Learn more about CS5 (but I didn’t read the Kelby book—I am admittedly more focused on LR these days…)
6. Work on learning French with Emily (I started, but haven’t been great about it AT ALL)
*7. Get an iPhone (and make it work with my car)
*8. Take Emily on one “girls’ trip” a year (in progress: Bernardus in ’11; Disneyland (where Daddy met up with us), SF, & Davis/Sac in ’12, “half” a Disney trip in Feb and April (Daddy met us for the end), plus a girls’ trip with Alisa & Sadie in June)
9. Read the Jose Villa photography book
10. Complete the Workshop in a Box (in progress)
11. Carefully read my two Bryan Petersen books
12. Take a family trip to Europe (especially Italy and Austria)
*13. Replace broken P&S
14. Complete at least one 52 in 52, and print a book (in progress: so far I have completed two, but no book yet!)
15. Donate blood (if I can)
16. Go apple picking at Apple Hill
*17. Send a card & gift to someone “just because” (sent my sister the Rachel Devine photography book)
18. Read The Art of Photography
19. Take one workshop or class a year (in progress: Bloom and Create and ACC 301 in 2011; CM Lifestyle and souls.imagined.emotion in ’12)
*20. Start a website or blog (completed April ’11)
*21. Go to a you-pick-it orchard or farm (August ’12, with Becca and the twins)
22. Go on family camping trip (went with my sister in ’12, but want to do one with Tom too!)
*23. Get a new computer
24. Get (& then keep) my computer cleaned up & organized—old emails, recycle bin, feeds/favorites, My Documents
*25. Upgrade my camera (COME ON, Mark III!) (completed March, ’12—I’m in love…)
*26. Get a 24-70/2.8 L lens (Christmas ’11; thanks, Tom!!!!)
27. Clean out the old den
28. Finish (or eliminate) ALL the projects in the old den
*29. Get through ridiculous magazine pile
30. Dress up the old den
31. Get window treatments for windows that need them
*32. Get the new printer working beautifully—paper and profiles (just don’t use Print Preview—it screws everything up!)
33. Get caught up on Emily’s scrapbooks
*34. Use my saved articles to explore around here—think DAY TRIPS
*35. See the Broadway Mary Poppins (May ’12)
*36. Get a photo published somewhere in print, with credit (CM Inspire and CM Laughter)
*37. Clean out Vera’s cabinet in dining room
38. Clean up Emily’s room with Emily
*39. Get kitchen remodeled (and clean it out while “moving”)
*40. Sell stuff on eBay/Amazon
*41. Clean out my bedroom/closet
42. Knit something cool
43. Put something in that blank spot on the wall between the living room and kitchen
*44. Replace the decorative plate that got broken in the kitchen (found one on eBay, summer ’12)
*45. Check into getting a Tax ID and formal business name (not completed, but no longer interested in going pro, at least by 11/29/13)
*46. Get a macro lens (got the 100/2.8L)
47. Finish all projects on couch and on my desk
48. Get monitor calibrated correctly
49. Investigate professional labs and pick the one(s) I like best
*50. Clean out linen closet
*51. Clean out front bathroom
*52. Get ALL photos on flickr well-tagged (completed summer ’12)
*53. Get Em’s stuff mostly out of living room (completed Christmas ’11)
54. Reorganize new den closet
55. Organize, “understand”, and back up all actions, presets, and textures
56. Learn to use my Speedlight confidently
*57. Get an iPad (Christmas ’10)
*58. Develop a portfolio (done, though constantly evolving)
*59. Check on equipment insurance/get insured (done)
*60. Get accepted into CM Pro (done Feb. ’12)
61. Replace my iPad with the latest and greatest
62. Re-read all saved photography notes (decided this is no longer necessary)
*63. Get comfortable shooting more “lifestyle”-type photography (a work in progress, but I have practiced a lot!)
*64. Get all of my publicly available images registered with the US Copyright Office (caught up, but now ongoing)
*65. Help Tom research getting Emily registered with the DAR (can’t do until she’s 18, it seems…)
66. Re-learn to quickly solve a Rubik’s Cube
*67. Make cloth napkins that will match our new kitchen
68. Do a “day in my life” photo project (did, but need to put it on my blog)
69. Read Wuthering Heights with Emily
70. Work on improving my SEO (decided I don’t care since I’m not in business)
71. Get a dog (this one kinda goes against my “ideas” for this list as I am not SURE I want to do it within the next 1001 days as DH is 100% against it and DD is 100% for it, but I really DO miss having a dog though I DON’T miss the responsibility, so it’s here just to keep considering)
*72. Complete “The Way I View____” for 2012 (in progress—nearly done!)
*73. Check into CPS and sign up if it seems worthwhile (yup—it is; Jan. ’12)
*74. Get 40D professionally cleaned
75. Clean out my file cabinets
*76. Get all of our CDs uploaded to iTunes
77. Investigate whether to get some type of online, automated back-up system for my computer
*78. Volunteer at her school in whatever capacity I can each year (in progress: ’11, Mr. P’s classroom; ’12, Mr. P’s room and 7th grade field trip; 8th grade Mr. P’s room and chaperoned Anaheim Choir trip, in high school it’s pretty much not doable, it seems)
79. Get front and back yards looking pretty again
80. Train Rory to do at least one cool trick
81. Go on at least one trip alone with Tom each year (in progress: ’11 Sonoma, ’12 Sonoma)
*82. Take Emily to Alcatraz (April ’12)
83. Get a canvas printed
84. Print and hang some of my images in the house (new den? old den?)
85. Get ALL images that are published online watermarked (began WMing consistently in Feb ’12)
*86. Get a logo (October ’12)
*87. See a Cirque de Soliel show (spring ’12)
88. Figure out why Outlook has so many calendars since linking it to iCloud, and eliminate all but one (or maybe two…)
89. Develop a better system for keeping track of Getty sales
90. Master the Lensbaby and its accessories
91. Get a photo and/or article printed in a magazine
*92. Complete one month of DAILY images on CMDaily
93. Pay bridge toll for driver behind me
*94. Clean out and reorganize pantry
95. Update/streamline my iTunes playlists
96. Create emergency preparedness kit
97. Check into printing my blog entries into a blog book, and print one
98. Drink 64 oz of water a day for one month to see if it makes a difference
*99. Start thinking of 101 things for next list (in progress: thankful things? no-spend month? finalize our will and confirm it all with a lawyer?)
*100. Start a bucket list (in progress: wine tasting in a limousine, ride in a hot air balloon, take an elegant overnight train ride through someplace beautiful, take a cruise, visit an ice hotel or bar, stay in a presidential suite, get a Maine Coon, swim with dolphins, ______)
*101. Start a photography bucket list (in progress: shoot a snowflake macro, aurora borealis, fireworks, ¬¬¬¬smoke tendrils, water droplets, ______)

So I managed to complete (or eliminate, in one or two cases) all but 48 of them. Hmmm… I only completed just over half. Not great! But I am absolutely determined to try again, perhaps starting once again on my birthday next year. And this time I will make a more concerted, intentional effort!

And again because it just feels wrong to post without including an image, here’s the treat I saw out my kitchen window this morning: