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Thirty “Thankful Things” {Week 3}

Week 3 in my series of Thankful Things… (Week 1 is here, and Week 2 is here.)

Day 16: ..for toasty baked potatoes and a toaster oven, and especially for my little family, who is perfectly content to have nothing but that (with plastic forks, to boot) for dinner when life is crazy!


Day 17:  …for our marriage–after 17 years, we’re still not exactly perfect, but it’s pretty darned awesome nonetheless…


Day 18: …for an impromptu date night, and Aqui’s annual cranberry margarita swirls…


Day 19: …for a day filled with errands that cross things off my list and for a zippy car that’s fun to drive for said errands, and especially for the last-minute left turn that the car somehow made without my noticing to bring me to our favorite doughnut shop!


Day 20: …for the smell of rain…


Day 21: …for a rare, planned-ahead date night, and especially for the dear friend who took our E to a Catching Fire movie premier party tonight–she was SOOOO excited!


Day 22: …for fresh chips and salsa. Enough said…


Day 23: …for snuggly socks on cozy nights after a long but highly productive day…


Hmmm… In retrospect, food seemed to be a big theme for me this week–LOL!