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Thirty “Thankful Things” {Week 2}

Week 2 in my series of Thankful Things… (Week 1 is here.)

Day 8: …for our birdie who gives kisses.


Day 9: …that we’ve been remodeling for exactly 4 weeks now, and “cooking” in the dining room still feels more like a camping adventure than a drag (though I admit I’m growing tired of the thick dust on everything, and the clutter of not being able to put stuff away—but it will be SOOOO worth it in the end because it’s starting to look fantastic!).


Day 10: …for the fact that Emily is excited about reading one of my favorite books from when I was about her age!


Day 11: …that the cats are putting up with the remodel fairly well despite being cooped up in our room, all day, every day (and sometimes overnight!).


Day 12: …for my sweet girl, who willingly obliges whenever I want to practice, and who is just plain awesome…


Day 13: …for the chaos, because it means we are finally, after 17 years in this house, getting my new kitchen!!!! (And I’m especially excited for the photographer in me, who will finally have a kitchen pretty enough to take pictures in!!)


Day 14: …for my tile installation. But this one’s not REALLY for our tile; it’s for my husband, who agreed to getting it even after we discovered how stupidly expensive it was (it seems that prices are not commonly shown in tile shops, and it never occurred to me when I fell in love with it that this one in particular would be ridiculous––turns out it was hand made by artisans in the county I grew up in). And for my amazing sister, who helped me pick it out. Clearly we have exquisite taste. (But in our defense, we were very frugal with the granite, so it all comes out in the wash, right?) And finally, because the backsplash is the last big part of the job, so it has to be almost over now, doesn’t it?!


Day 15: …for fall, and the colors and the cozy days that are just around the corner!