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Mother’s Day!

Somehow my family little family made Mother’s Day extra special this year!

Emily woke up early (“-ish”—we are not morning people) and made a favorite recipe from my Mom: “Paris Puffins”—these little muffins that are rolled in melted butter and cinnamon sugar right when they come out of the oven. And while she was making them, I got to stay in bed with a cup of coffee reading my current favorite photography book, written by one of my two favorite photographers: The Luminous Portrait by Elizabeth Messina (my other favorite photographer has a similar style, Jose Villa). And I adore the card Emily made me…

We ate breakfast outside and I took pictures while our breakfast got cold, but they indulged me… ;-P



And then we headed up to UC Davis (where Tom and I met) to go to the Whole Earth Festival. We go every year, and I am not sure what we like the best: the music, the music, the people-watching, the shopping (though this year I didn’t find anything I had to have…), or the food (vegetarian, but the homemade lemonade is spectacular, as is the fried zucchini, although this year we discovered the pesto fries—which I think might have put the zucchini to shame!). It’s like a hippy art and wine festival minus the wine. (But with the sickly sweet aroma of pot instead–LOL!) And I get to take lots of pictures!

There was a series of huge murals you were encouraged to add to:


My addition—I am no artist, but I can draw a flower, and write:




Every year Emily gets her face painted. The mother and daughter team who do it are amazing!



And then we just sat for a while on the grass alongside the creek, and Emily made daisy chains for everyone—even for my camera—LOL!



And then I set everything up and asked Tom to take a photo of us.


Finished out the day at our favorite restaurant in Davis—Seasons. It ended up being a late day, but fun!