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Past Pumpkins…

So, my husband is great, and I mean fantastic, at creating pumpkin designs and carving them. So I decided this year to dedicate a post to his awesomeness (well, at least from when I have digital images!).

In 2004 Tom made two hard pumpkins, because Mickey and Minnie just have to be together… He generally finds some clipart online, then digitally manipulates into a kind of “negative” in Photoshop. From there he creates his masterpiece. I, on the other hand, prefer to go a simple as possible. I think it’s kind of me to make him look really good in comparison.


In 2005, Tom stuck with the Disney theme, this time carving his all-time favorite Disney character: Goofy! Emily is heading in her Daddy’s footsteps, carving her first pumpkin completely on her own: Hello Kitty! And I pretty much always use some premade template, so mine are rarely original (and are never difficult).


We are huge Disney fans, so he stuck with his Disney theme in 2006 and created Cinderella’s castle:


In 2007, we began a tradition of coming up with an idea as a family that reflects some important event in our year, or something related to Emily’s Halloween costume. So that year, she was Raggedy Ann (I may not be able to carve a pumpkin, but I can make a fairly decent Halloween costume!):

And so I took a photo of her Raggedy Ann doll for him to make into his pattern. And then he also made a Cinderella, because Emily was Cinderella in a play that summer, and I couldn’t do it justice! Em made a horse drawing into a pumpkin.


2008, more Disney (the castle was Emily’s):


In 2009 he went back to his favorite Disney character, Goofy (Emily made the cat):


2010 was my favorite of his ever, I think—he copied our favorite part of her Halloween costume—the witch’s hat I made:



And in 2011, we had a “new addition” to our family, Rory, so he used my photo to create her. And Emily began her own tradition of drawing her pumpkins! She made a little devil tail on it, to match her devil costume. My pumpkin that year? I made a fatal error, and it ended up being so awful it wasn’t even worth photos.



I can’t wait to see what they come up with for this year; I’ll post that one by the end of the week!

  • Cary - November 3, 2012 - 4:37 am

    These are incredible! What a creative and talented family 🙂 Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel