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2012 ClickinWalk, Sacramento-Style!

So this year Emily and I decided to change it up a bit and do the Sacramento ClickinWalk instead of the San Francisco one like we did last year (mine, and Emily’s). We knew a couple of women who would be there already, and one in particular I was excited to meet (Kate!) as we’ve been playing Words with Friends for a couple of years now. It also gave Emily and I a chance to spend the night in Davis (my alma mater), which we love, and in Davis we also got to meet up with an old co-worker of mine that I hadn’t seen in years. It was a really fun mini-vacation!

After we checked into our hotel, we headed out to one of my favorite places to shoot, which is Olive Tree Lane in Davis.


Then we met up with Vanessa, and when we headed back to the hotel after dinner, Emily decided to use her very own gift card to buy us each a treat to take back up to our room—a glass of wine for me, and some M&Ms for her.


In the morning we had breakfast, where she giggled at powdered donuts and I fortified myself with a cup of coffee before heading into Sacramento.







Both Emily and I had such a great time that we decided to try to hit the San Francisco walk too, but since that didn’t start ’til 6, we killed a couple of hours on our way into the city with some shopping. When we arrived at the designated spot at 5:40, my phone rang—the SF girls were wondering whether we were coming, because the SF Walk began at 4:00—sigh… I was bummed not to get to go with them, but we made up for our disappointment by hitting Chevy’s on the way home. All in all, we had a fantastic trip and are already looking forward to next year’s walk!