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Grandma and Granddad Visited!

I’m the littlest bit behind in blogging, but I will catch up this week, and so will Em—she plans to “guest blog” again for me with her Disneyland images! I can’t wait; I so adore seeing the world through her eyes, and hearing about it through her words…

But this post is about when my in-laws came to visit for Emily’s birthday. We seemed to find a nice balance between days of doing nothing (or golf, depending on who you talk to ;-)), and days having fun adventures together!

We brought them up to one of our favorite wineries (Ridge, up on Montebello—lovely view from there, too!) for one of their annual First Assemblage Days where you get to taste wines that aren’t “finalized” yet…


And of course Emily became a teenager (sniff, sniff)…


We roasted Peeps* in the livingroom as an after-school-snack on said became-a-teenager-day (she’s not all teen yet!)…


We went on a day trip to Alcatraz (why does it take having visitors to do the really cool stuff that is so close to home?!)…




We really had a wonderful visit! And we don’t have too long to wait before we get to see them again; they will be here in July to take Emily on a little trip of their own!

And this image from out in front of a bar in SF near where we had dinner one night, just ‘cuz it cracked me up (so you can see my arguably odd sense of humor…):

*If you haven’t tried roasting Peeps, you ABSOLUTELY must, and at your earliest convenience—trust me on this. Here’s how: It is imperative that you begin with still-frozen Peeps. (We buy them at Peep-holidays and stash them in the freezer until we want them. We especially stock up when they go half-off after said Peep-holidays; they last forever in the freezer.) Simply roast the frozen Peeps like you would a marshmallow (but they cook quite a bit faster, so it’s a lot less effort, even, to get them to that perfect, melty consistency), and you will be rewarded with a roasted marshmallow inside, but with a spectacularly carmelized sugar coating on the outside. Be careful to allow them to cool a bit more than you would a regular roasted marshmallow (the sugar gets HOT), and then enjoy the decadence—you’ll thank me, I promise…

  • Lisa Benemelis - June 6, 2012 - 9:26 am

    Jessica, these are such beautiful images. 🙂 Looks like you had a great visit with family.ReplyCancel